StarPro Golf Putting Cups – 3-Hole Course – Green


Practice Putting Without A Green!
Place our 3 self-standing putting cups anywhere on a flat floor or patio, and you can practice putting without needing a putting green!

What makes StarPro Putting Cups great is each cup has our StarBall energy absorption device in the center of the cup! A ball hit hard will stay in the cup because the StarBall absorbs the golf ball’s energy. A ball hit softly will go in because of the low rim profile and it’s approachable from 360 degrees. Great fun for the whole family as they use their creativity to set up different three-hole golf courses around the house. Or use one cup at home, one cup at the office and one for a friend. A key feature of this practice cup is that the StarBall shows you if you have hit right or left of dead center on every putt.

About our Practice Putting Cups

No putting green is needed, just place these self-standing cups on any flat floor or patio. You can work on your putt while you travel using these StarPro Greens StarPro Golf Practice Putting Cups (3-Pack) that absorb a golf ball's energy to retain a proper putt, simulating real golf holes.

  • Durable plastic golf hole sets up easily, allowing you to work on your putt while you travel
  • StarBall technology and low 9/64 in. rim height allow the cup to retain properly hit putts and repel inaccurate putts, making practice fun
  • Installable on any carpeted surface for flexible placement on the go
  • 3-pack lets you practice using multiple simulated holes or 1 for home 1 for office 1 for gift. Decals not included.