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Best Artificial Grass Cost and Quality

Scroll down to compare the cost of the types of outdoor artificial grass turf made by Star Pro Greens. The price table highlights the quality of each artificial grass, and further down the page is an article that can help you decide which synthetic turf is best depending on your needs.

Also below is another article about “Why Install the Best Artificial Grass” instead of real grass.

We encourage you to order our free artificial grass samples kit which has small samples of each of of our synthetic turf products.

Which is the Best Artificial Grass for You?

To decide, read our complete comparison table below, but if you are in a hurry here’s a brief summary.

SPG-75 Artificial Grass Turf

Back Yard
Great for Pets

$2.97 /sq. ft.

SPG-80 Artificial Grass Turf

Back Yard & Front Yard
Good for Pets

$2.87 /sq. ft.

SPG-100 Artificial Grass Turf

Front Yard
Not for Pets

$3.45 /sq. ft.

SPG-110 Artificial Grass Turf

Luxury Front Yard
Not for Pets

$3.65 /sq. ft.

SPG-60 Artificial Grass Turf

Back Yard
Not for Pets

$2.35 /sq. ft.

SPG-70 Artificial Grass Turf

Back Yard & Front Yard
Great for Pets

$2.67 /sq. ft.

Artificial Grass Cost & Quality Comparison

In this table, the face weight indicates the amount of yarn material per square yard, so it indicates grass density. Gross weight is the total weight of a square yard, including artificial grass yarn and the backing it attaches to.

Compare our Best Artificial Grass to Cheaper Competitors’ Turf

If you want the best looking lawn at any cost, our SPG-100 is our finest and most natural-looking artificial turf you can buy. It has taller artificial grass blades that are denser, but that makes it less desirable for pets. Our less dense SPG-60 and SPG-80 make it easier to wash pet soil away. Some customers buy both, putting SPG-100 in their front yard, and SPG-80 or SPG-60 in their back yard where pets play.

You may also wish to install an area with SPG-MPT, our master putting turf, to create a golf putting green within your lawn. While SPG-100 is most dense with grass blades, many people actually think SPG-80 looks more like natural grass because it is more open, exposing the brown thatch. A good way to decide is to request our free artificial grass samples kit.

StarPro Greens synthetic grass turf has important features that are “must have.” Our filaments and backing are made of the best material, polypropylene. Our artificial grass filaments are stain resistant. They are UV stabilized so sunlight doesn’t fade the color. The grass filaments are attached to a durable closed-cell polymer backing that adds strength to insure a longer life, plus blocks weeds from growing. The cheaper artificial grasses that others sell can fall apart, fade color, become stained, or have flimsy backing.

StarPro Greens artificial grass looks natural because our design is better than cheaper synthetic turf. Our SPG-60, SPG-80, SPG-100, and SPG-110 artificial turf all have four colors: two colors of green grass blades, atop a thatch that has a third green and a brown to look like expired blades. The natural look is created by a combination of these carefully chosen colors that make it not too bright in winter and not too dull in summer.

Our SPG-75 has 3 colors, without the brown the thatch, ideal for those living in warm climates where really green grass without any brown thatch looks more natural. Our SPG-6100 artificial grass looks like natural Kentucky Blue Fescue because it has only 2 colors of green.

Our thick thatch at the base supports the artificial grass blades so they remain erect, unlike cheaply-made synthetic grass that over time falls flat. Beware of cheaply-made grass that lacks a thick thatch. While infilling the synthetic turf with sand is not required, it is usually recommended. Putting 1/2″ to 3/4″ of sand into the artificial turf will increase the support of the grass blades, adds softness and weight to the synthetic turf, and extends the life.

When comparing artificial grass to buy, it is helpful to note face and gross weights. The face weight indicates the amount of yarn material per square yard, so it indicates grass density. Gross weight is the total weight of a square yard of artificial grass, including the grass yarn and the backing yarn attaches to. You’ll notice that StarPro Greens artificial grass is heavier than cheaper synthetic turf.

In areas where pets will soil artificial grass, you’ll want our SPG-60, SPG-70, SPG-75, SPG-80, or SPG-6100 synthetic turf, because they are less dense and more easily allow washing away pet waste with a garden hose. Our thicker SPG-100 and SPG-110 make it harder to wash pet waste through.

StarPro Greens artificial turf is manufactured in the world’s largest artificial grass factory utilizing eco-friendly methods and materials that can be recycled.

Why Install the Best Artificial Grass Versus Real Grass?

There are lots of good reasons to consider StarPro Greens artificial grass, also known as synthetic turf or “fake grass.”

Home with StarPro Greens Artificial Grass TurfArtificial grass always looks great.

Synthetic turf won’t turn brown in winter, during droughts, or become infected by disease or insects. StarPro Greens artificial grass turfs look like real grass because they have two shades of green blades, plus in the thatch, a third green color and a tan to mimic expired grass blades. Our synthetic turf has a soft, plush, natural feel when you walk on it. Our grass looks real enough to be preferred by golf courses and driving ranges, sports fields, and even very expensive homes and commercial buildings that want their lawns looking perfect year round, with little maintenance and on-going expense.

Artificial grass means less work!

You won’t waste your time mowing, watering, weeding, fertilizing, spraying, and reseeding. More time to play on your lawn!

Artificial grass is ideal for high traffic areas.

It won’t turn brown or die due to heavy traffic from people or pets.  Synthetic turn won’t wear out because it’s durable. It’s great for sports fields, pet areas, playgrounds (condsider HIC’s ratings in some applications), school yards, and areas where there is high pedestrian traffic, such as bordering parking areas, sidewalks, etc.

Artificial grass is low maintenance and therefore lower cost over time.

You won’t need to spend time and money on lawn mowing, gas, fertilizers, and chemicals to fight weeds, insects and diseases. You’ll save big time on water and your water bill will reflect a significant reduction. With synthetic turf, if dirt is spilled on it or a pet soils it too much, you just need an occasional washing with a garden hose or brushing with a broom. It is safe to use a mild dish detergent solution or biodegradable dishwashing solution on spots. In the fall, leaves are easy to blow in the direction of the turf grain.

Artificial grass thrives in places where natural grass is unfeasible.

It’s difficult to grow and keep real grass on sharp slopes where it washes away, areas that are too muddy or too dry, ground where tree roots rob all the moisture, or spots where shade trees block the sun that grass needs to survive. Synthetic turf is perfect for difficult areas like these.

Artificial grass is ideal for dry climates where watering is expensive or limited by law.

Water shortages and droughts resulting in watering restrictions make it hard to keep real grass healthy. Water costs in some areas are costly and the one-time-installation cost of synthetic turf is cheaper in the long run. Plus it helps conserve water. In some states or local areas, government offers financial incentives to you for installing artificial grass instead of watering a natural lawn.

Artificial grass is great for dogs and pets.

You won’t have a muddy dog dirtying your home or car. Your dog won’t tear up synthetic turf because it’s tough enough to withstand claws. We make types of artificial grass that are best for pets. In dog pens and dog runs where dogs frequently soil artificial grass in the same spots, it’s best to install a drainage system under the turf to keep it clean. We have instructions.

Artificial grass is easy to install.

Our step-by-step artificial grass turf installation instructions help you do-it-yourself, unless you prefer to hire a landscape firm.