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5′ x 12′ 5-Hole Pro Backyard or Indoor Putting Green – Made from the World’s Best Turf


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NOTE: This putting green is also sold with a 1 foot border/rough in an 7 x 14 foot kit. Click to view the kit.

Enjoyed in a game room, patio, poolside or installed permanently in your yard, this 5 x 12 foot putting green provides a lifetime of fun for family and friends, as well as serious practice for golfers.

The StarPro Greens 5’ x 12’ putting green becomes the highlight within any golfer’s game room. It looks great by itself or makes a beautiful pool table companion. Enjoy lots of long challenging putts, and enough room for several golfers to circulate on and off during our “9-Hole Tournament” play pattern shown in the video below.

This professional quality putting green has the same Master Putting Turf as our giant 15 x 28 foot green so your putts roll with the same 10-11 stimp speed as a real country club green. Practice is realistic thanks to the unique design of our turf, which is made with nylon filaments that are twisted and heat set, and sheared perfectly smooth to a height of .56 inch. The nylon turf is backed with 4 sturdy layers including a natural rubber non-skid base so the green will lay flat and your putts roll true. Because of our thick rubber backing, StarPro Greens can be rolled up (turf side out) and stored, and later will always roll out perfectly flat. Cheaper brands after storage can become bent, bumpy and unplayable.

This green can be installed outdoors permanently in your landscape, in which case you’ll choose the 5 in-ground golf cups that StarPro gives you with your green. But for indoor or patio use you’ll choose 5 of our patented StarBall golf cups that eliminate needing deep cups, so you simply lay this green anywhere on a flat surface. The 30-second video below shows how StarBall works and why StarBall’s the reason golfers prefer StarPro Greens for indoor practice.

  • SIZE 5 x 12 feet - kidney shape.
  • INSTALL indoors, patio or outdoors.
  • 5 GOLF CUPS INCLUDED - choose StarBall (indoors) or in-ground (outdoors).
  • TURF - StarPro's "Best In The World" Master Putting Turf.
  • PLAYS LIKE A REAL GOLF GREEN with 10-11 stimp speed in all directions.
  • CONTOURS - can create breaks outdoors or indoors.
  • PUTTS - long challenging putting between 5 holes.
  • COLOR - spring green and forest green, looks and plays great year round.
  • TURF HEIGHT - .56 inch.
  • DENSITY - 48 ounce face weight, 92 ounce gross weight.
  • BACKING - Outstanding 4-layer backing creates realistic putts even over contours and gradients.

See Why
StarPro Greens
Are Better

Here's a video comparing our indoor putting greens to other brands and types.
When you see each brand played on it's obvious you'll choose StarPro Green.
For outdoor greens, instead watch our outdoor installation video below on this page.

Your putting green comes with 5 included golf cups, so you practice long and challenging hole to hole shots.

Play the following video to learn how to putt StarPro's 9-hole tournament play pattern on your green.

In Ground Golf Cups

For outdoor greens choose our in-ground regulation size golf cups. Scroll down page for installation video!

Starball Golf Cups

For indoor or patio installations, choose Starball golf cups that require no holes. Play this video...

Further down this page are Outdoor and Indoor Installation Instructions.

If you want this green with the optional 1 foot border click here.


Order This Green Without Border

Watch how to install a putting green in your backyard! For indoor instructions, scroll down.

Outdoor Installation

You can quickly install outdoors on a patio or pool deck following the indoor instructions below. Choose a location where rain drains away from the green.

For greens installed in your yard, choose our In Ground Putting Cups when ordering the green.

For detailed do-it-yourself outdoor installation with photos see Backyard Putting Green Installation

Outdoor Installation Summary: Roll out the green where you plan to install it. Use a level to check the slope, which should not exceed 2" rise over a 10 foot run for realistic golf practice. Level the area if needed. Outline the edge of the green into the grass/soil with an flat shovel or weed eater. Roll up and remove the green. Cut any existing grass with a weed eater to the soil. Remove debris. Add 2" of 3/8" minus gravel screenings, meaning your gravel supplier has passed gravel through a 3/8" screen so only the smallest pieces pass through. This mix has small particles as well as gravel up to 3/8" and every size in between. You'll need about 12 pounds of gravel per square foot. Do not use pea gravel or sand.  Drag a 3-foot 2x4 across the gravel to level it where needed. Make a gentle crown in the center of your green and taper to the edges so rain drains to the sides. Create contours and breaks as desired. Compact the gravel base with a water-filled roller or plate compactor rented from your home store. Use a hand tamper for small areas. Roll out the green and check your contours, adjust as desired. Our factory-cut greens have 5 holes partially pre-cut and held in with tabs. You can remove any or all, or cut your own holes anywhere (use a putting cup as a stencil and cut with a razor knife with a new blade). To install the cups put the green in place, and remove the gravel (onto a piece of cardboard or bucket) so each cup is 1/4" below the green surface. After all cups are set, roll up the green and compact gravel around the holes. If you bought the optional border for the green, install the same way, securing it underneath to the green with the seam tape we include when you buy our kit including a green, border, and seam tape. The seam tape doesn't have adhesive and is used in combination with adhesive you buy separately from your local home improvement warehouse: Liquid Nails Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive FUZE. You'll need about one standard tube for 10' to 20' linear feet of seam tape. For detailed do-it-yourself outdoor installation with photos see our installation instructions.

Indoor or Patio Installation

For indoor or patio greens choose our StarBall Putting Cups when ordering the green.

Indoor Installation Summary: Lay your green out with the backing side up. Our factory-cut greens have 5 holes partially pre-cut and held in with tabs. You can remove any or all with a razor knife with a new blade. Roll the green out and start putting! Please read our Indoor Installation Instructions for our pre-cut greens to see photo tips for how to tune your StarBall cups, how to create contours and breaks with sandbags or cardboard, how to roll up and store your green, and clean it.

Questions? Call Dan Selton at 404-295-0601 for sales advice or installation help.

Specifications for StarPro’s Master Putting Turf (MPT)

100% MADE IN THE USA by the world's best artificial turf manufacturer so you get the quality, durability and warranty of the biggest brands.

FACTORY WARRANTY – 8 years outdoors, lifetime warranty indoors.

EXTREME DURABILITY – StarPro’s Master Putting Turf (MPT) is made with a high density UV stabilized nylon face and natural rubber. The four layer backing keeps the turf flat, supple and allows it to bridge subsurface irregularities for easy installation and a smooth true golf ball roll.

MATERIALS – 48 oz. nylon face weight and 92 oz. gross weight per square yard. The 3/4″ twisted UV stabilized nylon filaments in the turf are heat set and sheared smooth to .56 inch atop a 4-layer backing consisting of a nylon scrim layer, a natural rubber precoat, a heavy action back mesh layer, and a 2 mm natural rubber base coating embossed with a hex non skid pattern.

ECO-FRIENDLY – Our turfs surpass Federal and CA Proposition 65 Standards, and our factories qualify for multiple “Green” initiatives.

RELIABILITY – We have been in business since 2006 making DIY golf greens and synthetic turf that look natural, healthy, well watered, weeded, and freshly mowed 24/7/365.

Add value to your home, improve your game, lower your score and enjoy years of fun for family and friends on the most realistic and challenging putting greens in the world. With the best turf made, multiple target holes, and easy installation, StarPro Greens delivers a lifetime of fun and putting practice that is like playing on a real golf green.