StarPro Master Putting Green Turf ~ Artificial Grass

$4.74 sq. ft.

  • IDEAL for creating your own putting green, outdoors or indoors, with the finest putting turf available.
  • PLAYS LIKE A REAL GOLF GREEN with 10-11 stimp speed in all directions.
  • COLOR - spring green and forest green, looks and plays great year round.
  • HEIGHT - .56 inch.
  • DENSITY - 48 ounce face weight, 92 ounce gross weight.
  • BACKING - Outstanding 4-layer rubber backing creates realistic putts even over contours and gradients

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StarPro Greens Master Putting Turf (MPT) is the “BEST IN THE WORLD” for creating your own custom-shaped putting green, outdoors or indoors. Period. Nobody, anywhere does it better. We are not exaggerating, just read the specifications below to learn why.

You can create your own custom putting green using the the same golf turf we use for all our professional pre-cut golf putting greens sold at! See factory-cut greens.

Our Master Putting Turf (MPT) plays like a real golf green. It putts true at country club speed, measuring the same 10-11 stimp speed in all directions without pulling or pushing the putt. A master putting turf putting green can be in-filled with sand to increase the speed or brushed to reduce the speed.

Our putting turf receives a chip reasonably well and it even feels a lot like a real putting green when you walk on it.

StarPro’s MPT’s four-layer backing keeps the turf flat, supple and allows it to bridge subsurface irregularities for a smooth true ball roll and easy installation.

StarPro’s two-toned color looks natural. Most greens look too dull in summer or too bright in winter – ours looks natural year round.

Minimum order quantity 150 square feet (15 ft.x 10 ft. strip)

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Further down this page are Outdoor and Indoor Installation Instructions.

Add these options to your custom putting green.

You can order these at the bottom of this page.

SPG-B Border Turf

Practice chipping to the golf cup by adding a rough around the green.

SPG-80 Fairway Turf

Practice long shots to the golf cup by adding fairway turf outside of the border turf.

Seam Tape

Attach pieces of putting turf, border, or fairway together.

In-Ground Cups

Choose these for outdoor greens installed in your landscape.

StarBall Cups

Choose these for patio or indoor greens.

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How To Measure?

Rolls are 15 feet wide; therefore turf is sold in 15 foot increments. Choose your custom length. Example: If you need a 10' x 15' strip, enter quantity 150 to get one 10 x 15 ft. strip = 150 sq. ft. Please call 404-295-0601 for design or calculation assistance.


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Shipping Info

Shipping is calculated at checkout.  All turf rolls are shipped via freight with curbside delivery.

SHIPPING INSPECTION - Please inspect your turf package carefully before accepting delivery from the shipping carrier. Small tears in the plastic wrap are acceptable, but make sure the turf is not damaged. If the turf is damaged, do not accept and tell the shipper you are rejecting due to shipping damage. Please take a photo and email it to

Order Accessories Below

Regulation In-Ground ABS Plastic Golf Putting Cup (5 Pack)


For backyard greens.

StarPro StarBall Golf Cup Insert


For indoor or patio greens.

StarPro SPG-B Putting Green Border Grass

$2.98 /sq. ft.

Attach a rough border or second cut around your putting green with seam tape.

SPG-80 Fairway Grass

$2.99 /sq. ft.

Practice long shots to the golf green.

20 ft x 12 in Heavy Duty Seam Tape


Attach two pieces of putting turf together, or attach a border or fairway.

Outdoor Installation

Do-it-yourself outdoor installation is easy. Please watch our YouTube installation video which is preferred over reading our installation instructions.

For outdoor installation, you should order our in-ground putting cups, and optional border turf and seam tape shown below.

Outdoor Installation Summary: Cut any existing grass with a weed eater to the soil. Remove debris. Install 2″ of gravel screenings, meaning your gravel supplier has passed gravel through a 3/8″ screen so only the smallest pieces pass through. This mix has small particles as well as gravel up to 3/8″ and every size in between. You’ll need about 12 pounds of gravel per square foot. Make a gentle crown in the center of our green. Drag a 3-foot 2×4 across the gravel to level it where needed. Compact the gravel base with a water-filled roller or plate compactor. Cut the turf with sharp new razor knife to the desired shape. Cut in the holes using the putting cup as your stencil. Purchase our optional SPG-B Border Turf to create a rough around your green, securing the border and green with our seam tape (see below). Master Putting Turf rolls are 15-feet wide and any length you desire. If you need a wider green two 15′ wide pieces can be joined with seam tape. You can create contours and breaks by putting 1/2 cup of sand in 12″ x 12″ Ziploc freezer bags and placing them under the green.

Indoor or Patio Installation

For indoor or patio greens order our StarBall putting cups shown below.

Indoor Installation Summary: Lay your Master Putting Turf out with the backing side up. Create your design using a silver sharpie and cut the design with a box cutter razor knife. Cut your putting holes with the box cutter razor knife using the StarBall putting cup as your stencil. Please read our Indoor Installation Instructions for our pre-cut greens to see tips for how to tune your StarBall cups, how to create contours and breaks, how to roll up and store your green, and clean it.

Questions? Call Dan Selton at 404-295-0601 for advice or installation help.

Specifications for StarPro’s Master Putting Turf (MPT)

100% MADE IN THE USA by the world's best artificial turf manufacturer so you get the quality, durability and warranty of the biggest brands.

FACTORY WARRANTY – 8 years outdoors, lifetime warranty indoors.

EXTREME DURABILITY – StarPro’s Master Putting Turf (MPT) is made with a high density UV stabilized nylon face and natural rubber. The four layer backing keeps the turf flat, supple and allows it to bridge subsurface irregularities for easy installation and a smooth true golf ball roll.

MATERIALS – 48 oz. nylon face weight and 92 oz. gross weight per square yard. The 3/4″ twisted UV stabilized nylon filaments in the turf are heat set and sheared smooth to .56 inch atop a 4-layer backing consisting of a nylon scrim layer, a natural rubber precoat, a heavy action back mesh layer, and a 2 mm natural rubber base coating embossed with a hex non skid pattern.

ECO-FRIENDLY – Our turfs surpass Federal and CA Proposition 65 Standards, and our factories qualify for multiple “Green” initiatives.

RELIABILITY – We have been in business since 2006 making DIY golf greens and synthetic turf that look natural, healthy, well watered, weeded, and freshly mowed 24/7/365.