20 ft x 12 in Heavy Duty Seam Tape


Outdoor/indoor 12″ wide seam tape for joining together pieces of StarPro’s Artificial Grass Turf or joining our Putting Green Border to Putting Turf. Our extra wide 12″ tape insures a durable seam. The polypropylene nylon blend tape is non-porous so the glue will not seep through. The seam tape doesn’t have adhesive and is used in combination with tubes of adhesive you buy separately from your local home improvement warehouse: Liquid Nails Fuze It All Surface Construction Adhesive is recommended because it sets quickly. You’ll need about one 9oz. tube for 20 feet of seam tape. See our Installation Instructions for how to join artificial grass seams or join a rough border to a putting green.

About StarPro Heavy Duty Seam Tape

Please click to read Installation Instructions.

  • StarPro's heavy duty seam tape is perfect for joining pieces of synthetic lawn grass or grass borders to putting greens.
  • Extra wide 12' tape creates a more permanent seam and easier installation.
  • Use with Liquid Nails Fuze It All Surface Construction Adhesive.
  • Sold in 1 ft. x 20 ft. rolls with instructions.