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20 ft x 12 in Heavy Duty Seam Tape


Outdoor/Indoor 12″ wide Seam Tape for Seaming all of StarPro’s Artificial Grass Turfs and Putting Green Borders. Our 12″ wide tape is non-porous, so the glue will not seep through. Putting Greens are seamless but seam tape is needed for adding a rough border.  Use 20′ roll in combination with Loctite Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive 3x (recommended) or Liquid Nails Heavy Duty Polyurethane or Liquid Nails Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive found at your local home improvement store. Approximately one standard tube for 10′ – 20′ linear feet.

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About StarPro Heavy Duty Seam Tape

Basic instructions: Match turf edges and turf grains, place tape under the turf GRAY SIDE UP, run a 3/8″ bead of adhesive in a 10″ inch wide “S” down the center of the tape with rows 3″ apart, one to two tubes per 20′ roll. Glue turf to tape (not turf to turf), press turf edges together without getting glue on the turf filaments, walk or press down the turf and weigh down with bricks. Poly adhesives take hours not minutes to dry. Please read on-line Installation Instructions for details.

  • StarPro’s Heavy duty seam tape is perfect for seaming synthetic lawn grass and putting greens
  • 12′ wide seam tape for a more permanent seam and easier installation.
  • Sold in 1 ft. x 20 ft. rolls with instructions.


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