StarPro StarBall Golf Cup Insert


Includes cup, StarBall and flag. Minimum order 2 cups.

Turns any carpet or turf into a putting green “like playing on a real golf green”. StarBall Cups are extremely accurate, like a real golf hole without coring. The StarBall on the flag stops the golf ball in the hole and is great for indoor/patio use. A key feature of the cup is that the StarBall will show you if you have hit left or right of dead center on every single putt.  Here’s a video showing StarBall in action!

About the StarPro StarBall Golf Cup Insert

The StarPro Greens Putting Green Cup Insert features a patented StarBall energy absorber that retains a correctly putted golf ball just like a real golf hole, making it easy to work on your putt wherever you want to play. PATENT No. 6,287,213

  • Simulates a real golf hole (extremely accurate) without the need to drill a hole in your floor
  • Easily slides under a putting green for quick installation
  • Compatible with StarPro Greens Professional putting greens
  • Center focus target that indicates left or right of dead center on every putt!