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11′ x 17′ 5-Hole Pro Backyard / Indoor Putting Green w/Border

$1,199.00 with free shipping!

11′ x 17′ kit includes our pro 9′ x 15′ backyard / indoor green plus the one-foot chipping rough border, 5 in-ground or Starball cups, and 80′ of seam tape (to secure border to green.)

  • GREEN & BORDER – The StarPro Greens 9’ x 15’ is big enough to teach a golf class indoors or out depending on the weather. It can be rolled up and stored (turf side out). Indoors as a stand alone feature in a large game room it has a shock and awe effect, especially with the included chipping rough border added, made of 1.75″ tall SPG-80 turf. Install it permanently outdoors in your landscape for the feel of a real practice green.
  •  WHY THE BEST? – Because it is cut from our Master Putting Turf (MPT) the best putting turf in the world – bar none ( See the specifications below.). We also have the best shallow putting cup, the Starball Energy Absorbing Putting Cup Patent No.6,287,213.  This shallow cup works exactly like a real golf hole, so we don’t have to manufacture unrealistic ramps, foam backing that stays curled up, or expensive platforms to trip on and off of. The StarBall Cup gives you realism, no bouncing off or rolling through the cup. So, the best practice cup and the best turf.   When you step on a StarPro Pro Green, you are stepping on the best, it even feels a lot like a real putting green when you walk on it.
  • THE TURF – StarPro Master Putting Turf (MPT) rolls out flat, putts true at country club speed, is non-directional and has great ball roll. MPT is made to last outdoors (8 yr. warranty outdoor/ lifetime indoor) and engineered to bridge subsurface irregularities for easier permanent outdoor installation. The color looks natural indoors and out – summer and winter.
  • THE PUTTING GREEN – This professional green is one-piece with no seams. StarPro Greens are kidney shaped to maximize putting area and to always look great. Our 5-Hole cup placement optimizes circulation, long challenging putts from all over the green, and enable our Games & 9 Hole Tournament Play pattern. NO folds – NO ramps – NO sponges, and NO wood/ foam/ plastic platforms to trip on and off of.
  • BORDER – With the included 1-foot 1.75″ tall grass chipping border the total size is 11′ x 17′.
  • SEAM TAPE – Kit includes (60 feet) of seam tape to secure the border to the seamless green.
  • THE CUPS – 5 cups are included. Upon check-out choose cup type when ordering: for yard use choose in-ground ABS plastic cups, or for indoor or patio use select the Starball Cup. (Patent No. 6,287,213) The extremely accurate StarBall Cup (see pictures) is a center-focus target that stops the golf ball from all directions in the 3/4″ x regulation 4.25″ hole (no coring a hole needed). It also indicates if the ball is hit right or left of dead center on every single putt.
  • SHIPPING INSPECTION – Please inspect your golf green package carefully before accepting delivery from the shipping carrier. If you see tears in the plastic packaging, make sure the turf is not damaged.  If the turf is torn, do not accept and tell the shipper you are rejecting due to shipping damage, otherwise you will pay return shipping cost. Golf greens are very heavy and costly to ship.


Putting Green Ideal for Outdoor or Indoor Use

Cut from the best putting turf in the world, use this 9×15 foot putting green in residential yards, patios, poolside, large game rooms, conventions, trade shows, school gyms, office networking spaces, hotels, promotions, corporate challenges and anywhere you want a great big beautiful putting green indoors or out.

Specifications for this Putting Green

The StarPro 9×15 five-hole practice green is water jet cut from our Master Putting Turf “MPT” (WORLDS BEST), 90 oz. gross weight, 43 oz. two-tone nylon face. The ¾” twisted nylon filaments are heat set and sheared smooth to ½”. The nylon face is UV stabilized and backed with a scrim fabric, natural rubber pre-coat, heavy action-back mesh and a natural rubber non-skid hex base.

  • 5 cups are included. Upon check-out choose cup type when ordering: for yard use choose in-ground ABS plastic cups, or for indoor or patio use select the Starball Cup.
  • All putting green holes have plugs (two tabs to keep them in), so you can choose to have 1 to 5 holes on your green.
  • Breaks can be created indoors by placing 12”x12”zip-lock freezer bags filled with up to one cup of sand placed under the surface.
  • Back stops can be created by using foam water line insulation. Cut the length required and fit the sliced tubing over the edge of the green.
  • Speed is approximately stimp 10, out of the factory and putts true. You can reduce the speed by back raking with a leaf rake and vacuuming with a beater bar (a leaf rake will not hurt this green). The speed can be increased by infilling the green with sand.
  • The rules for four (4) family fun putting games are included.
  • Factory cut 2” “challenge holes” to fine tune your putting skills are included. (no cups required)
  • Factory cut borders are included, so the green can be used for pitching and chipping.

How to Install an Outdoor Putting Green

Basic permanent outdoor installation requires 2” of fine crushed gravel (largest stone size 3/8 “) under the green (12 lbs. /sq. ft. of green.) Gentle crown of base in the middle tapering to 1/2” at the edge compacted w/water filled roller. See our installation instructions.

Additional information

Cup Type

Indoor-Patio – StarBall Cups, Yard – In-Ground Plastic Cups


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