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Download as PDF: StarPro Greens Professional Putting Green Instructions Congratulations on buying StarPro’s professional backyard or indoor putting greens! The best golf putting green anywhere! Our greens can be used indoor in family rooms or basements or in your backyard on patios and poolside. Our greens can also be installed permanently in backyards with our in-ground regulation putting cups (see Backyard Installation).  This box contains patented StarBall Putting Cups (Pat.No. 6,287,213) that work exactly like a real golf hole – without coring a hole! Installation – Remove green from box and roll out backing side up.  With scissors, cut only the two tabs on each hole that you want to use and remove (you have the option of using one to five holes plus the challenge hole). The challenge hole does not have a cup.  It is a precision training tool.
StarBall Putting Cups – Flip the green over and insert the StarBall putting cup bases. Place one decal on each side of the flag per Figure 1.  Put flag pole through hole in StarBall and insert into putting cup base.  Position ball on flag in accordance with Figure 1.  If StarBall is deformed in transit, bring water to a boil, turn off heat and drop the balls into the hot water for 30 seconds and they will regain their original shape.
Professional Green Hole Locations by StarPro Greens
Figure 1 – StarPro Greens have a great 9-hole tournament play pattern to optimize the longest putts. Place decals on flags as shown
  • Perfect Tuning of Cup – For perfect tuning of the putting cup (realism), place a standard pencil across the top of the golf hole on the turf (See Fig. 2). Move the StarBall on the flag pole so the bottom of the fingers of the StarBall just touch the top of the pencil.  If the flag pole ever breaks in the cup, insert a small nail through the center of the base and push out the broken piece and reinsert the flag.
StarPro Greens StarBall
Fig. 2 – StarBall fingers should just touch the top of a pencil for best accuracy.
  • Transportation and storage – If green is used patio or poolside, allow both sides to dry completely before rolling up for storage. Flip the green over, roll up the green (green side out) with a 5” center core aligning the top straight edges of the green as you roll.  Place green top side down into box and store the box standing up.
  • Cleaning – Our greens can be scrubbed (mild detergent), swept, vacuumed (using a beater bar can slow down the green), blown or hosed.
  • Contours and breaks – Contours add a lot of fun and make the green more challenging. For best results, use sand bags (1/2 – 1 cup of sand in a 12”x12” Ziploc freezer bag works best) and place as many as you see fit under the green to create contours.