Why StarPro Makes the World’s Best Golf Putting Greens

This video explains why the best backyard and indoor putting greens are StarPro Greens. They have the world’s best putting turf and don’t require ramps, platforms or foam like our competitors because we invented our patented StarBall golf putting cup. This video compares all our greens: Pro Greens that feature our Master Putting Turf and affordable Pro-Am Greens.

Golf Putting Green Video Transcription

Hello there, my name is Dan Selton, my company is StarPro, and we manufacture the best putting greens in the world.

We do that because we have the best putting turf in the world. This is our MPT, our Master Putting Turf, it’s 43 ounces of heat set kinked nylon, that is sheared smooth, it’s woven into an action back, and it has a natural rubber base coat and a natural rubber precoat. This is the hex non-skid backing. The product is very very supple but also very very sturdy and durable.

We’re able to focus on our turf because we don’t have to spend a lot of money on platforms, or ramps, or gluing foam rubber to the back of our turf. The reason we don’t have to do that is because of this little guy.

This is the StarBall Putting Cup. They have a little energy absorber in the hole that stops the ball if it’s hit properly.

So long story short, we’re able to put our money into our turf. And that’s why we have the best turf and the best putting greens in the world.

What I’d like to do is show you some of the options you have available through StarPro, we’ll start at $55 for the least expensive going up to $2500 for the big dog, which is 32 by 19 feet.

We’d like to start with the 6 by 12 which I consider to be the pool table companion for the golfer. 6 feet wide 12 feet long kidney shape and has five holes, which is a big part of the StarPro premise, is that you need to be able to move around your backyard green when you practice, not to shoot the same hole over and over again.

So long story short, this backyard putting green has a nine-hole tournament play pattern, so you go hole to hole playing from behind the hole that you just finished. And so you got a situation where you’re moving, your setting up your stance, you’re putting, you’re doing your target acquisition and it’s just a better overall system for practicing than using obviously one hole over and over again.

Let’s take a look at how this practice green works, the StarBall is the energy absorber, so if you hit too hard it’ll bounce out, hit it right it’ll stay in the hole.

That’s right. And you can tap the balls out of the hole very easily. They typically hold up to about three.

Try and get one that can lip out, it’s pretty amazing, you can actually get the ball to lip out, like you can on a real putting green. But you got to get it right on the edge.

That didn’t do it.

The other thing that is very very important about StarBall, it will tell you every time you put if you hit left or right of dead center. It’s a very, a great practicing feature to have.

Little bit to the left. But it stayed in the hole.

The golf turf is durable enough to have breakers underneath it. You can use sandbags, which are basically freezer bags, 12 by 12 freezer bags filled with a cup, half a cup to a cup of sand. Or you can make cardboard contours, that’s the one that I enjoy the most. Space about that much between your contours, your sheets of cardboard, and you can make any design you want, as radical as you want. We’ve got one right here. You can barely see it. This particular break bar has is utilizing 5 sheets of cardboard, layered on top of each other.

Ohhhh, close. I talked about lipping out, that one lipped out. Because that’s exactly where I hit it.

That one didn’t. See if I can drop it in from above.

No! But creating breaks in these is a lot of fun.

And also, these are outdoor putting greens. You can use them in your game room but they’re designed to be put in backyards permanently. There’s an eight-year warranty outdoors and a lifetime warranty indoors. This material is designed to be out in all weather, winter, summer.

The tournament play pattern is very simple we have 5 holes start with 1 go back to 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 and then finally back to 9.

The borders as I said are optional, they give it a great look and if you if you want to pitch from them, you can easily pitch from them, so they can be a practical, not just an aesthetic use also.

Now from here we’re going to go down to our smaller putting green. And our entry level greens. And we’ll start off, this is the 3 by 9.

It’s the smallest pro green that we manufacture, but it does fit in a hallway and it’s very very mobile. Ahh, it’s a great entry level on the pro series.

Next we go to the 4 by 12. 4 by 12 is one of our most popular putting greens. Yes it does have the five holes, the tournament play pattern, and it’s a great pool table companion also. It fit’s into any game room.

And it gives you long challenging putts. It has the same 5 hole play pattern as the 6 by 12 and it has a couple of other features that are kind of neat.

One, it has a carrying case that you can buy as an option that will hold putters and all of the components that you need, golf balls and the flags, inside that bag.

I had mentioned on these putting greens, if you want a bumper and you typically don’t need one, but if you need a bumper, you can take a piece of insulation for water lines, outdoor insulation for water lines that you can find at Home Depot, you just put it around the edge, it attaches right to it, and it works to just stop the ball if you want a back stop. So it’s a great size green and it gives you the practice features that you need.

From there we go to a 3 by 12. The 3 by 12 ah is a unit that’s similar to the 4 by 12 obviously one foot narrower, and for some reason we cut a whole roll, a 7000 foot roll of these, so we try and price them fairly, we don’t put them on sale, but these are at a very very unique price based on the fact that we got 7000 feet of them extra. It’s a great practice green.

From here we’ll go over to the 9 by 15 which gets back into the big backyard putting greens.

This green has all the space you need for friends and family. It’s also very popular with universities and high schools because you can roll it up, tuck it away, and then roll it back out if you have classes for your golf students. It gives you the StarPro Turf and it really has the feel and play like a like a real practice green. Has the 5 holes, of course, again, we haven’t pulled the tabs on all of these, but it’s a, it’s a great putting green for schools, churches, universities, or large game rooms. Now this is the one that is also a very strong favorite for poolside permanent installation, if you have an area around your pool that you’re not doing anything with of it isn’t growing grass, this is a great companion for pool side.

From here we go to the 15 by 20

This guy is huge, it’s the second biggest putting green we make, and it really gives you the feel of being on a practice green. It is, gives you lots of long challenging putts, you can fit a large number of people on it, and you have tons of room to putt.

Long challenging putts I might add.

These putting greens we’ve been told by owners actually improve the value of your home, and that’s a situation where we’ve had numerous instances where the seller wants to take the green with him, and the buyer says no, so they have to come to buy a green for the next home. So, it can add value to your home.

They are a beautiful attraction especially if you have an area where you can’t grow grass, ah, or you’ve got so much shade that growing grass is a real problem. These putting greens are beautiful and they are aesthetically pleasing and they play like a real green. And the maintenance is next to nothing.

You can blow them off with an air blower, you can rake them, really, there’s no way you can hurt them. You don’t take them in in the winter, you leave them out, the son and the ice won’t hurt ‘em, and they really really are a fun thing to have around.

It’s a great golf green.

From here we go to something we introduced this year. This is our, basically, it’s a 2 by 18. This is what we call our long putt professional trainer.

And it comes in a box that is basically 12 by 12 by 28. And you can take it anywhere. If you have a tournament, you know, on vacation, if you want to practice, every time you roll it out, if you roll it out on concrete, your driveway, your sidewalk, you’ll get a different break to it and it is it’s a great professional trainer, that’s why we call it the long putt professional trainer. It is 18 feet long and it’s made out of the pro turf so it putts just like a real putting green. And it is a great way to improve your game. The fact that you can roll it up and take it with you anywhere is also a great feature on this one.

So this is a really really great vacation product, or if you really want to improve your long putts, ah, it is a great putting green for that. It gives you that length, and the ability to practice at that length.

Next I’d like to point out the company’s capabilities. We have the ability to do custom work.

And this is one of the custom putting greens that was requisitioned. The gentleman wanted to have 5 holes in a 4 by 12, so he has 5 holes in a 4 by 12 with sand traps. And this thing is something that we designed for him, put it on the water jet, and cut it. So there are fees for the water jet and the cutting, but we can do anything as intricate, as you can imagine, in a custom setting. So, we do have those capabilities up to 15 by 100 feet, we could seam and go 30 by you know whatever, but we can make them as big or as small as you like.

The next group is our entry level putting green. And to be totally honest, this turf is the same turf that our competitors use as their top of the line. The turf, as a matter of fact, is a little bit better. This turf has a coating, an aquatech coating, you can feel it, it is a soft rubbery like compound, and it is, you know, supple, it’s giving, it’s and our competitors don’t have it, so that makes us actually one grade above our competitors’ top grade. So, these these greens are are also very good quality, they don’t have the lifetime warranty, but they have the same components, they have the StarBall, the same concept which is so important, being able to move around and not shooting at the same hole over and over again.

And we start… this is the absolute entry level. And it starts at about $55. It has three holes. And it’s nine feet long. And you can practice on it, you know, it’s serious practice. It lays out completely flat, because of that aquatech supple backing, if you take a look at these guys, we just rolled them out. We took them out of the box and we rolled them out and they are as flat as they can be. Our competitors, you take them out of the box and you have all kinds of problems, for the most part. This again is is the one and a half by nine entry level $55 dollars. Ah, and it’s a, it’s eh a, it’s a great putting green both for traveling, boardrooms, any area where you want to entertain your customers or your family.

Now, going from the entry level, this is our 3 by 10, this is our biggest seller for a very good reason. You get long putts, you have the five hole play pattern, and you’re able to putt back and forth. If you’re a serious golfer, there’s also a stimp difference on this turf. It’s about 11 and a half in one direction and ten and a half in the other. You can slow it down by taking a beater bar vacuum and going against the grain. So, it’s a very very practical putting green, and the price point is, it’s a hundred and nine dollars. I mean it’s a very very good value for something that actually works and will improve your game.

And it’s a very very durable putting green. You roll it up and you put it back in the box when you are done with it, and when you get it out, of the box and roll it out, it rolls out flat!

And you can putt on it immediately. The cups take, you know, 15 second to put in.

It’s a great putting green from a price point perspective, from a quality perspective, and and from a training perspective, you have all of the features at basically a hundred and nine dollars.

Now from there we go up to the 6 by 12. This is a family fun game room pool companion. It’s about $250 but you can turn any room, any vacant room if you have a vacant room in your house and nothing going on, you can put this thing in there and two chairs and you’ve got a, you’ve got a fun place to hang out.

Again it has all of the features of our 6 by 12 at about half the price except for it does not have that pro turf, it is an indoor putting green, you can do it pool side, you can put it on your patio, and if it gets rained on, it doesn’t hurt it at all, some people leave it out for years. But if you’re going to roll it back up and take it in you do need to dry it out.

And for that amount of money, the size of the feature, the amount of fun that your family can have on it, long term, it has the action back, you can put breaks in it, it’s just a tremendous amount of fun.

So it’s a great price point, it’s great family fun, and it’s also a great training aid. I mean this is a serious training aid.

From here, we’ll go to the last putting green on the show, and it’s basically our 15 by 28, this is the big dog.

This is our big dog. This is our 15 by 28 practice green. It’s got 5 holes, this one is shown with a two foot border, which gives you 19 by 32 feet total, this putting green is the backyard feature if you put it in, it’s a great thing for entertaining, it’s a great thing for really practicing your game.

The turf receive a chip reasonably well, so people typically have chipping stations around, and most people do a two layer or two tier practice situation, or they’ll have one hole elevated, so that you have a contour coming up, under the base.

We show these with our ball pull markers, and the in-ground cups. Because typically they are installed outdoors, you’d have to have a pretty big, pretty big game room to fit this guy. This thing feels, looks and acts like a real practice green.

So the bottom line is simple. With StarPro’s patented StarBall putting cup, the best putting turf in the world, and a size and a price point that is available for any golf range, these putting greens are by far the best in the world.

And it’s something that we wanted you to know about, and we hope you will buy one and enjoy it.