6′ x 12′ 5-Hole Pro-Am Patio or Indoor Putting Green


Our 6 x 12 foot Pro-Am putting green is great for indoors or the patio, perfect for family rooms, patios, garages, poolside, game rooms, conventions, trade shows, school gyms, office networking spaces, hotels, promotions, corporate challenges and anywhere you want a beautiful golf putting green indoors or out.

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1000’s of long challenging putts from all over the 5-hole 12′ x 6′ foot kidney shaped patio or indoor putting green with circulation and a realistic environment for 2 to 4 golfers. Play hole to hole like a real golf practice green. The 5-hole 12′ x 6′ practice green has a 9-hole tournament play pattern (1 – 9 flag decals are included) and four putting game rules are included. StarPro’s PRO-AM turf rolls out flat and putts true. No ramps, folds, or unnatural platforms. The patented Starball is a center focus target that stops the golf ball in a regulation 4.25″ hole and shows you if you hit right or left of dead center on every single putt. Improve your golf game, lower your score and enjoy years of fun for family and friends indoors, patio or pool side. Superior turf, multiple targets, on green circulation and unrestricted access delivers indoor putting green practice that is like playing on a real golf green. Your family room is not complete without one. Patent number 6,287,213.

Do the world a favor and donate this indoor putting green to your school! It rolls up and can be stored behind the bleachers. When you do we will give you a 10% discount and include 3 roll-up straps free.

StarPro’s Pro-Am turf used in this indoor putting green is a 42 oz. gross weight poly turf with a durable action back and Aquatech non-skid base coat that puts true. It plays like real bent grass. 5 Starball regulation indoor/outdoor/patio cups are included and work exactly like a real golf hole. The holes are placed to utilize the entire putting green with lots of long challenging putts. With the realism, multiple targets and unrestricted access, StarPro Greens deliver a lifetime of putting practice that is like playing on a real golf green. Designed for family rooms, offices, patios, poolside, or 10×10 convention booths.

  • The green rolls out perfectly flat and the StarBall cups install easily in seconds. The StarBall cups work exactly like a real golf hole; the StarBall energy absorber in the middle of the cup stops the golf ball in the hole.
  • All holes have plugs (two tabs to keep them in), so you can choose to have 1 to 5 holes on your green (green comes with 5 StarBall cups).
  • Two bonus 2” challenge holes to fine tune your putting skills (no cups).
  • Breaks can be created on the indoor putting green by placing 12×12 Ziploc freezer bags filled with 1/2 to 1 cups of sand placed under the surface. These helps keep our greens challenging for years to come.
  • Back stops can be created buy using foam water line insulation available at Home Depot. Buy one 6′ piece, cut the length required and fit the sliced tubing right over the edge of the green.
  • Speed is stimp 10 up, and 11 back out of the box and putts true. You can reduce the speed by back raking with a leaf rake and vacuuming with a beater bar (a leaf rake will not hurt this green).
  • Easily transportable and sets up in seconds.
  • Warranty – Lifetime Indoors.

This turf used in this green is not our Master Turf that we use in our Pro Greens that feels like a real putting green when you walk on them and can be installed permanently outdoors but, if you are looking for an indoor, patio or poolside Pro-Am putting green this is a great performing green and great buy. Frankly the turf we use in this green is the same turf that many of our best competitors use for their top of the line putting greens except we add the green aquatech non skid base. This is the best value putting green we have seen any where in the world.