1st Video (below)

How To Make A Backyard Putting Green!

  • In 10 minutes learn how easy it is to install an outdoor putting green the right way!
  • See another 5 minutes explaining the exact type of gravel to use under your green.

2nd Video (below)

Compare 5 Kinds of Indoor Putting Greens!

  • See for yourself why our competitor’s greens don’t match up to StarPro Greens .
  • Compare the pros and cons of our synthetic putting green to 4 other kinds of greens:  styrofoam mat, foam rubber backed, ramps with fabric, and platform greens.

3rd Video (below)

Compare All StarPro Putting Greens!

  • Tour all the Pro and Pro-Am putting greens StarPro makes.
  • Learn why we make the world’s best putting greens.
  • See putts made on our greens.

4th Video (below)

Watch StarBall Mimic A Real Golf Hole!

  • Our patented StarBall stops the golf ball in the hole with any indoor putting green.
  • StarBall Cups are accurate, like a real golf hole without coring.
  • A key feature is StarBall shows if you hit left or right of dead center on every single putt.

5th Video (below)

How to Play 9 Holes on All StarPro Greens

  • All StarPro Indoor and Backyard Putting Greens let you play 9 holes!
  • The 2nd video below shows our 9-hole play pattern!
  • StarPro makes indoor and backyard putting greens from 3’x9′ to 15’x28′ that look and play great