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Golf Games for Putting Greens

The 5 holes are placed and the flags are numbered for variation and for a standardized tournament course of long challenging putts. (If you master the course, don’t forget to add sand bags (1 cup of sand in a 12×12 zip lock freezer bags) under the turf to create breaks and keep the green challenging. When you are gaming, each player must remove their ball from the cup after putting out.


Using the standard rules of golf, start play at the 4/8 hole and follow flag numbers 1 through 9. Putt to the next hole from behind the last hole completed. The winner of the hole goes first on the next hole. Players receive a point or score for each shot taken. Par is two shots per hole. Low score (minus handicap) wins tournament.


Same as 9-Hole Tournament Play above except the flag numbers (1-9) equals the point value for the hole. Winner of the hole (low score on the hole) receives the points of that hole added to their score. If a hole is tied, points carry forward to the winner of the next hole. Ex: If hole 6 is tied, hole 7 is worth 13 points. High points wins the Skins Tournament.


Choose a leader (easiest way is to lag to the end of the green, closest to the end without going off wins). Predetermine if off the putting green shots are legal. Leader or winner of the previous hole chooses the next shot (exact ball placement and target hole). If the leader makes their chosen putt, the next player(s) has to make the same putt or player(s) receives a letter. If the leader misses their chosen putt, the next in line becomes the leader (leader does not get a letter for missing their chosen putt). Spell “horse” and you are out of the game.


Play Holes 1-5 with a stop watch and complete the course as fast as you can. When a putt is made, the player removes the ball from the hole and places it a club head length from the hole. Players cannot putt a ball until it has stopped rolling COMPLETELY. If a rolling ball is struck, the player is disqualified. Golf scores do not count. The fastest time wins.