Download as PDF file: StarBall Cup Installation Instructions by StarPro Greens

1. Cutting holes

If the holes in the putting green aren’t already cut, when installing StarBall Putting Cups into our turf or any other surface, it is best practice to use a utility or razor knife with a brand new blade. (Dull blades do not cut curves well.) Cutting the back of the turf (black side) or carpet is recommended. Caution: Be extremely careful not pull the blade toward your non-cutting hand or body because severe lacerations may occur. The hole needs to be 4.25” in the clear.

StarBall Cup

Insert flag into hole in the center of the StarBall and then place flag into putting cup. Insert the putting cup into the green by lifting the green and pushing the putting cup up from the underside of the green. Tap around the top of the green to stabilize.

3. Tuning the putting cup

For perfect tuning, place a standard pencil across the top of the golf hole. Move the StarBall on the flag pole so the bottom tentacle of the StarBall just touches the top of the pencil. (See Figure 1) This is typically the same as having the tentacles touch the top of the cone. If the flag pole breaks off in the hole, simply flip the base over and insert a small nail through the center of the base and push out the broken piece.

4. Restoring StarBall shape

If StarBall is deformed in transit, bring water to a boil, turn off heat and drop the balls into the hot water for 30 seconds and they will regain their original shape.